Crown-Prince Irvel Obarskyr of Cormyr

Crown-Prince and High Marshal of Cormyr, high commander of Cormyr's military forces


Irvel Duar Palaghard Obarskyr is the son of King Foril and the late Princess Jemra, and the Crown
Prince of the Forest Kingdom. A tall, bearded man in his early fifties who favors both the look and the boldness of the kings of old, Irvel is beloved of his people for his courage, his approachability, and his promise to build a brighter future for Cormyr.


Crown Prince Irvel is the high commander of Cormyr’s military forces, and holds the title of High Marshal. He loves—and is loved by—his wife, his children, his soldiers, and his nation.

A kind, boisterous man, Irvel loves strong drink (though he is not prone to drunkenness) and the company of beautiful women. He has sworn that he will never break his vows of marriage to his wife of three decades. However, some whisper that Prince Irvel interprets the finer points of those vows more loosely than his father or grandfather.

Crown-Prince Irvel Obarskyr of Cormyr

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