The Meridian Ghost


The Meridian Ghost cuts through the sky gracefully, all etched silver and shining mithril; the sails that hang off the multiple masts are made of metal, chain mail that has been beaten flat and blacked with fire.

Fourteen cannons shaped like the mouths of dragons line the outer hull; fired from the first sub deck of the ship, these cannons are magically enchanted to rake foes with lightning and fire, as well as other effects.

A cackling, insane gnome stands at the helm, piloting the great silver airship through the use of many dozens of chains, levers, switches and multicolored buttons. The ship has a great many features and tricks, though it is not yet finished.

The Meridian Ghost was “shot down” by Shadovar Magic during the first year of the war and its wreckage came to rest in the Vast Swamp near the Cormyr/Sembia boarder. The ship seems largely undamaged but magical attempts to raise the ship and return it to service have thus far failed. The vessel seems to have become lifeless due to the foul shadow magic used upon it.


The Meridian Ghost is a medium sized ocean fairing ship that was discovered by a group of adventurers who would eventually become known as the Company of the Shadowed Moon. The ship was discovered in the Underhalls of a ruined castle on the Island of Sharp Teeth, northwest of the city of Memnon, the northern most city of the Calimshan Empire.

Since sailing around the coast of Calimport heading towards the kingdom of Cormyr, the Meridian Ghost has sunk no less than three raider ships that were foolish enough to assault it. The ship is currently harbored in the Cormyrian city of Marsember undergoing reconstruction at the hands of the gnomish inventor.

The ship cuts through the air, faster than its mithril hull might make one think, rumors abound that it once flew to one of the hidden moons that orbit Toril and made it back again. That is widely dismissed as fanciful talk however.

The Meridian Ghost

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