Z-Paragon Archive Baron Wrenli of Riatavin


Baron Wrenli is a jovial man living in a jovial city, constantly throwing costume balls and dance parties in his over sized manor-house, he is the picture of a happy, charitable man.

Rather rotund with a huge manly mustache, a laugh is never far from his lips (nor is a drink) and he strives to ensure that everyone around him is having a good time.


As the ruling figurehead of Riatavin, Baron Wrenli enjoys a position that is envied by many. He lives a life of nearly constant revelry and celebration. The city he rules over has uniformly wealthy citizens and even though taxes are low the sheer volume of traveling caravans that pass through the city ensure that coin flows often and freely.

As the city approaches winter the surrounding farmlands have just finished pulling in another bountiful harvest, hence the city and surrounding areas are taking it upon themselves to enact a bit of post-harvest merrymaking, unaware of any approaching dangers.

After having helped the party raise the Mythal shield around the city of Riatavin and then having his life saved from an attempt on it by the deathknight Sithas Tyrr, Baron Wrenli is quite convinced about the seriousness of the undead threat to his city.

The Baron is however confident that the Mythal shield will protect the city from foes without, and that the Calimshan purchased adamantine golems can be activated and can protect the city from within.

Z-Paragon Archive Baron Wrenli of Riatavin

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