Z-Paragon Archive Company of the Purple Cloak (Deceased)


Brash and arrogant, the Company of the Purple cloak is an adventuring company hailing from Sembia, though they currently operate in the kingdom of Cormyr. The Purple Cloaks have gained a reputation by their repeated forays into Myth Drannor, and wealth along with that reputation. They have succeeded were other adventuring companies failed to deliver or failed to return.

The Company of the Shadowed Moon discovered the Purple Cloaks for what they really were, sinister and calculating, men of poor moral fiber who trapped, assassinated or betrayed other adventuring companies to maximize their profits. The abilities and skill of the Purple Cloaks are formidable to be sure, but the depths of their murderous depravity are more formidable still.

Members include:

Izun – Human Warlord
Gadara – Bugbear Barbarian
Ne’ath – Elf Ranger
Dyarn – Cleric of Tiamat

The Company of the Purple Cloaks were killed and remade into a single undead abomination, sometime after they conspired to steal the sword of Sithas Tyrr from the Shadowed Moon.

Z-Paragon Archive Company of the Purple Cloak (Deceased)

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