Z-Paragon Archive Goblins of the Red Hide

Level 9, Acolytes of Amaunator


After the death of the Boss, the goblins said their farewells to the Company of the Shadowed Moon and took to the road. They planned to search, on a holy pilgrimage to find the Boss when he reincarnates sometime within the next seven years, as is the nature of a Deva.


The Red-Hide tribe of goblins are of a cleaner sort than most goblins and are of good alignment due to a chance encounter with a Champion of Amaunator generations ago. The story, told by the goblins themselves via interpretive dance, is as follow: In the years just before the Spell Plague ravaged the realms the Red-Hide tribe was just as slovenly, cowardly and debased as any other horde of goblinoids; they had a short but proud history of duck theft, smashing squirrels with rocks when they weren’t looking and attempted minotaur tipping.

One day the region the goblins called home fell under the control of a lich with the blackest of hearts. This lich laid waste to the country side rending the farmland into swamps and collecting the local humans and dwarves for his unholy experiments; when that stock ran out the lich turned to using the Red-Hide goblins for his dark needs.

More careful now to not use up his remaining test subjects so quickly, the lich confining them to wretched conditions for years, and though some Red-Hide goblins still roamed free they were always under threat of capture or death at the hands of the lich’s undead servants. Time passed slowly for the suffering goblins, but the Lord of the Sun yet watched over these now dark lands.

Hither came the one the goblins remember as “The Bringer of Much Wrath”, black-haired, sullen-eyed, sword in hand, a paladin, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to crush the skull thrones of the servants of Orcus under his booted feet. His name lost to the “records” of the Red-Hide tribe, this champion of light slew the lich’s servants and lieutenants with methodical determination, one after another the unliving found that they could not stand before him. He threw them from cliff sides onto the rocks below, put them to the sword, and caused the will of Amaunator to rise like the sun in their most secret of lairs.

This champion struck fear even into the cold heart of the lich; a creature who thought it has long since forgotten the sensation. The final moments of the undead wizard were spent trapped beneath the heavy rubble of his collapsed tower, screaming helplessly with a disembodied voice, as the paladin of Amaunator smashed a jewel, reputed to hold the lich’s very soul, to dust with his gauntleted fist.

The end of the torment at the hands of the servant of Orcus brought about a new era for the Red-Hide goblins, they pledged their meager lives to the service of Amaunator, known to them as “The Big Sun Guy”. The paladin was moved by their child-like attempts to better themselves and he indulged them as best he could, after all the recent battle with the lich had…withered him to a degree and what better purpose could he now find than setting these well meaning creatures on a better path.

Now many years hence, three of the descendants of this tribe have found their way into the service of Darah, an Invoker of Amaunator, who saved them from slavery aboard an ogre pirate ship. They have taken this as a sign that they are meant to serve “The Boss” to the best of their abilities, believing it to be the will of the Sun Lord himself.

Bruise, the leader.
Sway, the brains.
Crazy-eyes, the brawn.

The Netherese girl, Nira has taken a particularly friendly shine to the goblins of the red hide, thinking them Darah’s “pets”, referring to them as “the funny little red men”. It’s most likely that Nira has no concept (due to her existence thus far) of what a goblin actually is.

Z-Paragon Archive Goblins of the Red Hide

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