Z-Paragon Archive Ilythramaxen, "He Who Extinguishes the Sun" (deceased)

The Angel of Vengeance


Spoken of like the boogie-man of gnomish children, facts are difficult if not impossible to confirm concerning He Who Extingiushes the Sun. The Gnome speaks of him in hushed whispers, fearfully telling what he knows of this hopefully mythical being:

He Who Extingiushes the Sun was supposedly encountered by gnomes that traveling in airship creations to the 19th hidden moon of Faerun. The gnomes built a docking station for their airships and planned to use the 19th moon as a launch point for further exploration of “hidden” heavenly bodies that they had discovered.

The gnomes never had the chance to explore and of the other hidden moons because after many months of construction the way-station was assaulted by a being who stalked its long hallways with an approaching darkness. Many were slain but some gnomes did manage to make their way off the moon and back to Faerun, watching from the decks of their airships as parts of the way-station collapsed, sunk into the ground or burned in a white fire.

The story is retold now to gnomish children sometimes, a tale used to assure their chores are done and their teeth brushed, or He Who Extingiushes the Sun might get them. This had quite the effect on the Company of the Shadowed Moon’s gnomish inventor however, keeping him awake for more than thirty years with the thought that some great and terrible power was watching his every movement, at least in part fueling his madness.

Z-Paragon Archive Ilythramaxen, "He Who Extinguishes the Sun" (deceased)

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