Kith'Vor Hammerbulion

Dwarven Weaponsmaster and Werebear


Kith’vor Hammerbullion of the Hammerbullion’s from Forgefires in the land of Fimbrul. Kith’vor was born fifty one years after the world shifted. His father and fathers before him were born of the world Abeir. Kith’vor is part of the first generation of Hammerbullion’s born in Toril. Kith’vor is the third son of his father and was raised as a warrior for the people. With the duties of the familial holdings falling on his older kin Kith’vor has been given a quest to seek the common ancestors that both dwarfs from Abier and dwarfs from Toril share.


Excerpts from from the Journal of Kith’vor Hammerbullion
I am rewriting this as my original journals were lost at sea during an unforeseen encounter with a coral reef.
My father asked me to keep a running journal or log of my experiences. A brief description of me, I was born in the year 1436 DR in Forgefires of Fimbural. We dwarfs of Laerakond which is part of the returned Abeir use the calendar of Toril when recording dates as to not confuse others. I am the third child of my father, and therefore I am the soldier son. My eldest brother is heir to the clan. My older sister has joined the shamans as is her duty as second child. I am the soldier son.
All soldier sons are given a task to complete before we are considered veterans of the clan. Because of my parents standing in the clan my task was to be a great one. I was one of the first children of the clan born after the “Great Change” or as folk in Toril name it, the “Spellplague.” Our continent was ripped from our world and exchanged with land from Toril.
The journals of my childhood are still kept within the walls of my homeland, nothing more needs be mentioned of my childhood or clan history.
The task I was given was to find any links between the dwarves of Laerakond and those of Toril.

Tenday One
I left north out of Forgefires towards the Dragonborn city of Darrawn in hopes of catching a ship to the mainland of Faerun as I had heard it called. The Dragonborn of Fimbural have never been friends of the dwarfs, however it has been a long time since we were enemies.
The trip to Darrawn was uneventful. I was able to barter my way onto a ship headed to the Moonshae islands through my alchemical skills I had acquired in my training as a warrior.

Tenday Two
The ship was headed to Oman’s Isle in the Moonshae islands to do some trading. I was told there was a small group of dwarves that had taken up residence within the city, which was very exciting as this would be my first interaction with dwarves from Toril.
The ship took four days to make the passage in which time I was able to show the alchemist on board how to create an alchemical acid that would burn through the sails of an attacking ship. He returned the favor by showing me how to create a tincture that could put a man to sleep in less than an hour if properly mixed into a drink.
We arrived uneventfully on Oman’s Island and I was shown the way to my kin. They were unlike any dwarves I have ever met. It was a new idea for me, these dwarves were priests. In Laerakond there have never been gods, only the primordial who were overthrown by their dragon mounts millennia ago. They have been our rulers and our tormenters. Gods were a foreign idea to me.
These dwarves belonged to the dwarf god Moradin, with a sub-sect (as they called it) to the dwarf god of battle Clangeddin Silverbeard. In my want to learn all I could about these dwarves I stayed with them for more than six months. In this time I was shown the power of these Gods, in their ability to aid these priests in ways that were beyond imagination only weeks before I arrived. They had me convinced of the God’s wants to aid their people, these Gods were not the tyrants that I had always known. In time I too decided that I could follow Clangeddin Silverbeard and his teachings. I hope to one day return this new understanding to my people.

Tenday Twenty-One
I left the priests with my new understandings and began my search for links between the dwarves anew. The priests although helpful did not know of any connection between our two peoples.
I boarded another ship this one headed for Calimport as this, I was told was a major hub on the mainland. Calimport was a hub that could point me in the right direction.
On our trip to Calimport we were set upon by two ships that bared no sigil. Our captain assumed the worst, that they were probably pirates. His assumption proved to be correct as we were attacked in tandem west of the Calim desert. Our ship proved to be faster and it appeared that we were going to get away. As we flew before the pirates we never could have guessed that they were actually herding us into a coral reef. When we hit the reef the bottom of our ship gave out almost instantaneously and the ship started to list to port. The majority of us were able to escape and swim ashore; however the ship and all of its cargo were lost.

Tenday Twenty-Two
We crawled upon shore and made a tenday walk to Calimport. When we arrived our captain told the Sultan of our trials and was rewarded with the information that the pirates in question had been captured. We were given compensation (taken from the stores of the pirates) for our losses. I parted ways with the captain and re-equipped myself as my weapon had been lost at sea. Sadly my journals had also been lost; this is my sad attempt at re-creating them.

Tenday Twenty-Three
My cache of supplies is starting to run short. I have decided to attempt to join an adventuring company to both re-supply as well as hopefully discover where to search for my task.
I appear to have found a worthy company of adventurers called the “Company of the Shadowed Moon.” They are leaving for Cormyr and I have been hired on as a replacement for a lost Paladin. This will hopefully prove fruitful as I have heard that Cormyr is ancient, it may very well provide me with a link to my task.

Tenday Twenty-Five
I apologize for the lack of updating. Our trip to Cormyr was difficult to say the least. I was almost slain by a hydra which we were only barely able to defeat. Somehow, perhaps due to loss of blood it is a bit foggy to me; we attached a rope to the Hydra and were able to pull our way upstream into the Sea of Fallen Stars.

Tenday Thirty
Over the past few weeks I have proved my worth to my new friends. I refrain from revealing too much about them for their sake as well as it not being important to the task I have been set.
We are now a registered company of the city of Arabel. My companions and I have purchased a shop for the selling of items that are gathered on our adventures.
During one of our last “adventures” something happened to me that I dare not reveal. It is extremely personal and I am honestly afraid of the consequences it may bring.

Tenday Thirty-Eight
I have been remiss in keeping my journal. Our home of Arabel is under attack, by forces that we do not understand.
I feel I must make note of an occurrence today. During our fight to determine what is wrong in Arabel we met an old friend that asked for our aid. By way of barter for our aid, he knew of my task and gave me a map that has a location of a possible answer. I will go when I have worked my way through my personal misgivings about myself. I feel that my task is too great for me to ignore, but a weight on my shoulders needs to be taken care of first.

Tenday Thirty-Nine
Arabel is saved.
A fellow adventurer discovered something concerning his past. The group has gone to investigate with instructions left for me to join them after I recuperate from wounds received in the saving of Arabel. I joined them as far as boarding our ship, but they left me aboard with instructions on how to find them.
I decided to join them shortly after they left and met them in a dark place. We fought the minions of a Lich and discovered a piece of my companions past.
As my companions go to search the past I have decided to search my purpose and hopefully discover myself.
I have had no contact with my companions and can only assume that they are safe wherever they are. After leaving them I came to a small outcropping of rock that very much reminds me of a place near Forgefires where I used to go to think. I have taken this to be a sign from my God that I should concentrate upon my future and as I said before, finding myself.
One of my companions, a Tiefling rogue, has been fighting with an inner demon of his own. He has gone into detail concerning this “demon,” however I have chosen to not detail his secret. The reason that I bring this up is that after he admitted this “flaw” as he sees it, I began to see a flaw within myself and the consequences it may bring me.
The more I think about my future, the more I am reminded of my past. My life has been deluged with training for my task. I have spent all of my adolescent life and adult life in training for this one thing. It is what drives me. The more I think about this the more I realize that I have been ignoring a potential wealth of aid. During my early years of training, I was taught in both offensive and defensive tactics. Through my life and experiences I have attempted a blend of the two. This can no longer be the case. I must become a master of both, or suffer extreme consequences.
I have realized that I have been given a gift that can help me to achieve this mastery. I looked upon this gift as a misfortune, even a curse, which I now realize it is not. In my previous writings I mentioned that something had happened to me and could potentially carry dire consequences. This is the gift that I now realize.
To be blunt, I was attacked by what appeared to be a large bear. This creature was no mere bear, but was a carrier for a strain of what I have learned is called lycanthropy. In lay terms, I am now a werebear.
I have shifted a few times on sheer accident and although I have minimal recollection of those times, when I shifted back into my dwarven self I saw the destruction I had caused. There has been one time that in a state of duress I was able to force the shift. During that time I realized I had a better recollection of the occurrence. It is through this shift that I believe I can attain a mastery of an offensive attack. Therefore it is pertinent to my survival that I focus my dwarven self in a more defensive manor.
I hope and pray that this shift in my persona is the correct pathway for me to take. It feels correct.
It has been three days since my discovery of self. During this time I have attempted to concentrate and shift into my alternate form. I have succeeded twice. Both times I remember what happened however it still feels like I am a different entity after the shift. It feels as if my dwarven self thinks in a different manner than my bear self.
The first shift was frightening. I had recalled that anger allowed me to shift in the past so I thought about the giants of my homeland that have subjugated my peoples for centuries. I remembered a time when I went with my father’s brother, another warrior son, to an outpost that our clan had. This outpost had been decimated by a local group of giants. The memory of the sights and atrocities that were present were enough to raise my anger to a point of shifting. As a bear I wreaked absolute havoc on my campsite and a deer that was unfortunate enough to wander nearby. I do not recall all that occurred during that shift, but pieces. It is not something I want to relive.
My second shift was much calmer. I tried many times to reach deep within myself find my alter self. Yesterday I was lost in thought about my home and travels and was not trying to find anything when I became aware of a feeling that was both familiar and foreign. I focused on this feeling and realized it was a feeling of natural order. Whilst thinking of this order I tried to think of myself as a bear. At first I thought I was unsuccessful when I saw the reflection of myself in a small pool of water near my camp. I was a bear. So subtle was the shift that I did not realize it had occurred. My two selves appeared to be in harmony. Yes, I did have a few different urges and could realize their differences, however I was in control.
I spent the remainder of the day in my bear form to acclimate myself to my gift.
Today the first thing I did was attempt to shift into a bear. I was successful. I am by no means proficient in the shift, but I no longer fear this part of my being. I am at peace with myself.

Kith'Vor Hammerbulion

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