Level 21, Tiefling Rogue, General of Eastern Front


A very distinguished Tiefling of reasonably average height and stature stands before you. A piercing red and a sparkling blue spell-scared eye peer out from a shining helm that adorns the top of his head. Short black hair peeks out at odd angles from underneath the brim. A conspicuous, sly grin seems to disarm those who dare stare long enough and a maple pipe lies loosely between ivory teeth.

He wears a leather jerkin befitting that of a soldier of a high rank. A diamond belt is tightly wound around the waist, holding up a simple pair of black trousers that cover short black leather boots that display a meticulous shine. An obsidian rapier hangs to his left and glimmers with a mystical hue.

A small piece of red string peeks out beneath a ring worn on the right hand.


Born of the lineage of the House of Zannifer, Remisce suffers from the Crimson Curse. Spending most of his adolescence as a minor street thug and petty thief within the alleys of Calimshan, Remisce killed random pickpockets to satiate his body’s need for blood. Remisce’s life changed when for the first time in his life he took a legitimate job as a deckhand on a ship bound for treasure on a mysterious island. When the ship was attacked by a mystical force, he found himself alone on an island with nothing but a Captain’s Hat.

Many years have passed since Remisce found himself on the island. The Shadowed Moon and its keepers were gathered and many misadventures occurred on the Meridian Ghost. Following the death of Sapphiraktar the Blue, the catalyst of Remisce’s initial plight and the death of his closest friend Darah, Remisce left the Shadowed Moon and his companions in search of a cure for his curse.

A year later and hundreds of thousands of gold pieces spent, Remisce finally came to the conclusion that there was no cure to his curse when he sought out and found ancient literature on the origination. The Crimson Curse was not simply a virus or ailment to be treated, it was tied into his very soul and was punishment for crimes his forefathers had committed. Upon realization of this Remisce vowed to serve others more than himself.

Returning to Arabel, Remisce was enlisted by the army of Cormyr to server against the Kingdom of Sembia. Upon his departure he confessed his feelings to Nira and asked that she remain in the Shadowed Moon until his return. Three years have passed since leaving, with only minor visits and letters to her, but his goal is to return to her for good one day.


Odyssey of the Meridian Ghost Remisce