Z-Paragon Archive Sapphiraktar the Blue (deceased)


A mysterious player in the events unfolding in Calimshan, his goals are unclear. His existence even is known to almost no one, and fewer have divined his true nature as a dracolich. He may have been behind the magical ice storm that sunk the armada crossing the sea towards the Island of White Teeth, but that has not been confirmed.

The prime agent of Sapphiraktar is the deathknight Sithas Tyrr, however the dracolich recently added Lysandrous the mad lich to his servants.

While the dracolich’s plans remain a mystery, his seat of power, Calimshan has been vastly changed over the course of the last few months. The Calim desert has become a “wasteland” of glass, roamed by countless undead and has been abandoned completely by the living, tales however persist of a massive floating earth mote that casts its shadow over the glassy wastes, and that a draconic form can sometimes been seen coming and going from it.

The wholesale destruction of Calimshan has disrupted trade across the southern reaches of Faerun, and this has had far reaching effects on the rest of the realms, both Cormyr and other nations nearby have been weakened somewhat by the loss of incoming goods and coins that drive their economies.

Sapphiraktar the Blue met his ends at the hands of the Company of the Shadowed Moon at the opening of the Shadovar-Cormyrian war, costing the Deva known as Darah his life in order to destroy his phylactery.

Z-Paragon Archive Sapphiraktar the Blue (deceased)

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