Seh'rai of Arabel

War Wizard of Arabel


Leader of the War Wizards of Arabel, Seh’rai allows the best interests of Cormyr to be his guide. Seh’rai is sociable and pleasant, quick to offer a drink or lend an ear, he plays most things off with a nonchalant attitude however there is little that goes on in Arabel that escapes his cunning notice.

It was by the offer of the War Wizard that the Company of the Shadowed Moon came to destroy the gladiator arena north of the Cormyr border, in the Anauroch desert just beyond the Stone Lands. A place that as it turned out was being used as a training and recruiting center for the Empire of Shadows, with dark intentions for the kingdom of Cormyr.

After this service was rendered, Seh’rai sponsored the Company of the Shadowed Moon for Cormyrian citizenship and remains a valuable source of information and job opportunities.

Prior to the Battle of Arabel, Seh’rai the War Wizard was taken captive by agents of the Shadovar, and is currently being held prisoner somewhere in the City of Shades, the capital of the Shadovar Empire.

Rescued from the City of Shades by the Company of the Shadowed Moon, Seh’rai resumed his post as Warwizard of Arabel, being charged once again with the protection of the city and Cormyr at large.

Seh'rai of Arabel

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