Z-Paragon Archive Sithas Tyrr, The Blood Knight (deceased)

Destroyer of the city of Memnon


Sithas Tyrr the Blood Knight, Paladin of Orcus takes the field in battered black plate armor and a heavily torn though still bright red cloak. He is taller than the average human, standing nearly seven feet tall, and is broadly built as well, reaping his glittering soul sword through foes with ease.

Tyrr’s helmet is closed faced, dark like the rest of his armor, hiding the deathknight’s true visage from most who encounter him, though it takes only a modicum of Arcane skill to realize his true nature as he radiates necrotic energies. The horns on the sides of the helm are curled like a rams’, perhaps in homage to Orcus.

His voice is hollow sounding yet threatening and he speaks with the authority of a man used to having his orders followed.

Previously Sithas was armed with a sword, but since his return, has been armed with a great two handed axe made of black metal, burning with unholy black and red fire.


Sithas Tyrr is a deathknight that serves the will of Orcus and is as far as anyone knows the greatest champion the Demon Prince of the Undead currently employs on Faerun. He was responsible for the sack and razing of the city of Memnon in the Empire of Calimshan, by use of an undead army raised from the solders who had drowned when their fleet was sunk by Sapphiraktar the Blue, a dracolich who seems to be Sithas Tyrr’s “earthly” master.

Sithas Tyrr’s physical form was destroyed by the Company of the Shadowed Moon in the ruins of Memnon in the aftermath of the battle that laid that city to waste. Since then the deathknight’s soul-sword has remained under lock and key in the antique shop The Shadowed Moon, until recently, as it was stolen by thieves.

Recently encountered once again, Sithas Tyrr was trying to assassinate Baron Wrenli of Riatavin on the eve of the attack by the undead horde. The Company of the Shadowed Moon now has his soul weapon in their possession and intends to destroy it, however, since the opening moves of the plot against Riatavin has been foiled, it remains to be seen how the dracolich’s plan will adjust and be altered as he still attempts to be victorious.

Z-Paragon Archive Sithas Tyrr, The Blood Knight (deceased)

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