Z-Paragon Archive Nebelun the Meddler (The Gnome)

A whimsically insane inventor!


Disheveled and wild eyed, the Gnome often has hands that are covered in oil or fine industrial compounds. An inventor or machinist of some kind, the Gnome has snow great aptitude with cannons, mechanical animals, airships (though just salvage so far) and ship design.

He is often seen wearing a blacksmith’s apron and dark goggles that shield his eyes during a confusing activity that he calls “welding”.
After having reclaimed his spirit from within the Silent Keystone the Gnome (who turned out to be the god Nebelun) wore silk robes of black and purple with a red cravat around his neck; hair slicked back he looked cleaned up and sane (as much as a gnome can) at last.


The gnomish inventor known to the Company of the Shadowed Moon only as “the Gnome” was first encountered when the tiefling Remisce made it his business to outfit the Meridian Ghost with cannons while searching the docks of Calimport. The industrial noise of one workshop in particular brought the attention of the teifling into the company of a gnome who has yet to identify himself by name.

This gnomish inventor said he had no cannons when asked, despite the literal pile of cannons occupying the central storage area of his shop. Eventually the gnome realized that he in fact did have cannons and accepted commission to install them on the deck of the Meridian Ghost.

The gnome quickly became fascinated with the Meridian Ghost itself, and after the cannons were installed he took to the lowest part of the cargo hold and turned it into a new workshop, studying the design of the ship while drawing plans of his own.
Nebelun is a schemer and planner, the patron of tinker gnomes – which is shorthand for saying his schemes are overblown and rarely work. Nonetheless, he delights in invention and experimentation, and a person looking for success in building something new could do worse than to invoke Nebelun’s name. He is curious, humorous, playful, and most of all inventive.

Nebelun won his divine status through his many legendary exploits, such as the time he made a blimp out of the tail he stole from Semuanya, the lizardman deity; Nebelun is therefore beloved by worshipers who are often also brash enough to dare the impossible.

He is a wandering deity, full of tricks, unlikely schemes, and continuous mishaps. He is fearless, to the point of outright insanity. The mechanical contrivances he creates often don’t work as intended, but their unintended results often turn out to be useful.

Z-Paragon Archive Nebelun the Meddler (The Gnome)

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