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There is only War.

The Kingdom of Cormyr and the City of Shade have come to blows at last, a grinding war of attrition has raged for four years now across two fronts, tens of thousands have died. The War Wizards and Purple Dragons of Cormyr have had their numbers decimated; the Shadovar for all their power and cunning have lost nearly half of their arcane champions: the vaunted “Princes of Shade”.

The High Prince Telamont Tanthul is determined to crush the forest kingdom once and for all; infernal allies and undead dragons were only the start of the offensive against Cormyr. For both sides this war has entered a phase of desperation and exhaustion; both nations prepare to trade the final strikes, and there will be despair before the end.

The Eastern Front has been reduced to trench warfare. The Shadovar vassal nation of Sembia has thrown an overwhelming number of soldiers against Cormyr, yet the blood of the people of Cormyr is the blood of heroes and time and again they have stood resolute and dealt death to the Sembian hosts in horrifying numbers. Due to the catastrophic losses inflicted upon them and suffering the callous whims of the Shade masters the people of Sembia have begun a revolt against the Empire of Shadows (thanks also in part to the Brotherhood Malevolent), therefore the eastern front has been at least for a time, secured.

The Northern Front has been the stage for the most terrible battles of Cormyrian history. The reserve forces of militia have been lead by the War Wizards and Purple Dragon Knights out of Keep De’gotha in sortie after sortie, enduring recurring waves of siege attacks. The Shadovar have loosed undead hosts, then devilish servants, and yet…the worst event thus far has been what was known as the Day of the Beholders. Rebuffing this attack caused the death of most of the War Wizards of Cormyr, yet this failed Shadovar offensive seems to have stalled the enemy advance indefinitely.

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